Mental Health Support for Women in Post Falls, Idaho

Kootenai Health is offering a free support group for women who have experienced the effects of cancer. This group is open to the public and welcomes anyone who wishes to join. The group is facilitated by NAMI-trained professionals who have gone through similar experiences. NAMI support groups are peer-led and provide participants with the opportunity to share their stories and receive support from other attendees.

It is a new campaign in partnership with Kohl's Cares that focuses on the impact of NAMI support groups. Face-to-face groups meet to provide each other with support and work towards recovery from mental illness. NAMI support groups follow a structured model to ensure that everyone in the group has the chance to be heard and receive help. The goal of these groups is to strengthen the resource protection network for local children raised by family members such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings. The NAMI family support group is a support group for family, loved ones, and friends of people with mental health problems. The weekly support group for women provides a safe space to share experiences and offer support to one another in order to live a safe and violence-free life.

Each week, a trained NAMI Treasure Valley facilitator will lead a game, an art project, or an activity that everyone can participate in throughout the group. A free peer-led support group is also available for those who have been involved in the criminal justice system. This group helps people successfully reintegrate into the community after their participation.

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