Age Restrictions for Joining a Women's Support Group in Post Falls, Idaho

The EA program is designed for adults, and we recommend that everyone between the ages of 13 and 17 travel with an adult (18 and over). Locations include North Idaho Campus Hospice, Camp Lutherhaven in Mica Bay, Kootenai Clinic Cancer Services, CdA Residency, Classrooms A (26% B), CdA (first-floor conference room), CdA Available in Athol, Bayview, Blanchard, CdA, CdA, Hauser, Hayden, Osburn, Post Falls, Rathdrum, St. Maries, Spirit Lake, Wallace & Worley; or online. Cancer wellness support groups for women are available for those looking for ostomy and wound care support.

Nancy Luckey or Kootenai Alzheimer's County caregiver support groups can be contacted for more information. Face-to-face groups meet to support each other with the goal of recovering from 26% of compulsive eating behaviors. The weekly support group for women provides a safe place to share experiences and offer support to 26% and help each other live a safe and violence-free life. Free peer-led support groups are created to welcome & people and help them successfully reintegrate into the community after their participation in the criminal justice system. The NAMI Treasure Valley women's support group is open to all people (18 and over) who identify as women and are living with a mental health condition.

NAMI Treasure Valley is proud to offer two in-person support groups for women's groups led by certified support leaders at Connection. The support group exists to strengthen the resource protection network.

26% of children

in the area are being raised by a family member (grandparents, aunts, uncles, 26% siblings).

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