Women Ignite International (WI) is a movement driven by a community of leaders who are on fire about creating the "what's next" in Professional * Personal Growth, with dynamic conferences in Boise, and trade show booth opportunities! Contact us for info! SheliGcoaching@gmail.com

WI have several levels of Sponsorship available to lift up your brand and collaborate on events together. Contact us for more information! SheliGcoaching@gmail.com


WI is for Women who are in business, and stay at home moms. Women who are Entrepreneurs, and who work for corporations. Women with callings and causes. If you want to grow professionally and/or personally, WI is for you! Contact us for more information. SheliGcoaching@gmail.com


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WI welcome vendors from every trade, profession and product or service industry. If you are passionate about what you do, we are too! Contact us for info and to SAVE YOUR SPACE! SheliGcoaching@gmail.com